Saturday, March 27, 2010

Splish Splash

Saturday we took a field trip to the Living Planet Aquariums with Ben, Riley and Paige. We had a blast! We saw a ton of animals and even got to touch the stingrays! (Scott got a little excited and stuck his whole arm in, forgetting about his sleeve...) We LOVED the new exhibit with the penguins! They are soo cute! They were definitely one of the most entertaining of all the creatures we saw. I learned that they can swim up to 22 mph! Wow!! I also learned that while you can find penguins in Australia, New Zealand and the Galapagos Islands, you won't find them at the North Pole. I guess that's why Santa chose reindeer... I am pretty sure that I have heard this fun fact more than once before, but I always seem to forget! The octopus was asleep, which was disappointing, but watching him sleep was still pretty cool. The glass made it hard to hear, but I am quite sure that he was snoring... Paige tried very hard to wake him up by pounding on the glass, but he didn't seem to notice. Between the starfish, frogs, electric eels, anaconda, giant tarantula, seahorses, anemones, and all other fun animals it was an educational and entertaining day! Here are a couple quotes from our little adventure:

Scott walks up to the ticket window...
Scott: "We need 5 tickets please"
Ticket Window Dude: Looks over the counter at us... "So 4 kids and one adult?"
Scott: Ummm... 3 kids and two adults. I like my wives to be legal.

Paige: "Aunt Rachelle, when are you going to have babies? I want you to have babies right now!"

I don't know why I was kissing the frog, I have already found my Prince!

Paige was trying to make out with the frog. We had to stop her... twice!

These were just friendly kisses, don't worry Stace!

Aww... Scott and his 4 kids

Nice pose Paige!

Three kids in a cave!

Paige and Scott with the stingrays- and a wet sleeve!

Ben knew more about the animals than me... and I got an A in Biology!

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  1. Most excellent post! I am ok with my girls kissing is the boys I worry about! Thanks for taking them and giving me a break. Ben is quite the biology know it all- thanks for putting up with them all! We and they love you