Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just A Taste of What's To Come...

This blog is a chance to give you a little taste of our life... Since both Scott and I have failed at attempts to keep up blogs of our own, I hope that a combined effort will endure. Only time will tell...

We have now been married for over a month! Weird! And wonderful! Were married on Jan. 2nd in the Newport Beach Temple and had a reception at the Arroyo Trabuco County Club- shout out to Tadonna (my mom) for all her hard work on
that! It was great :)
We then headed off to the Mexican Riviera for a week long (and much needed) cruise! Scott planned our honeymoon as a surprise- what a stud!

Well, I will make this short, but will post a few pics for those of you who haven't seen them- enjoy!

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